eis.net - Internet Service Providers, Australia


Getting your business on the internet is kind of like getting your business ready to trade. It's incredibly complicated and there are many little bits that you need to know about and co-ordinate in order to go ahead and do business.

Getting on the web can be just as complicated. There's registration, delegation, email, hosting, web site quotas, what do you publish on the internet, what's your strategy? What's your message?

Eis.net are a one-stop shop. We do everything. Even down to tailoring your web site to a workable marketing strategy. We even know how to maximise web traffic, (people finding your site), design to reach a specific market, and clever little programs that run on your website to make your services more available.

We speak in plain English and we can even work with your existing corporate image. Or re-invent you completely.

You tell us what you want, and we'll give it to you.