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Interworx is a server control panel and web hosting automation system which runs on top of the commercial strength Centos 4. Linux operating system. InterWorx-CP provides a clean, consistent interface for controlling your web site hosting via the feature-packed interface called SiteWorx, the website-level interface.

Siteworx home.png

What features does Interworx hosting have?

E-mail Support:

  • POP3/Secure POP 3 Mailboxes
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP Mailboxes
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Auto Responders
  • Vacation Messages
  • E-mail Aliases
  • Multi-Alias/E-mail Groups
  • Webmail/Secure Webmail

Spam and Virus Filtering:

  • Spam Service Control
  • Easily Configurable Standard and Advanced SpamAssassin Options
  • Easily Configurable Bayesian Scanning Options
  • White and Black Lists
  • ClamAV Antivirus scanning
  • Daily Virus Definition Updates
  • SMTP Level Virus Scanning

FTP Support:

  • Jailed/chroot-ed FTP
  • Multiple FTP Accounts/SiteWorx Account
  • FTP Sub-user Jailing

Website/Account Statistics:

  • Real-time Bandwidth Stats (per service)
  • Real-time Storage Stats (per service)
  • Webalizer Stats
  • AWStats Stats
  • Downloadable Transfer Logs
  • CGI Error Logs

Website File Management:

  • Password Protect Directories
  • Create/Edit/Delete Files
  • Single/Multi ASCII/binary File Transfers
  • Filename/Full Text Search
  • Multi File Search and Replace
  • Basic UNIX Command Support (chmod, tar, gzip, etc.)

Mysql logo.gif

Database (MySQL) Management:

  • Create/Delete Databases
  • Create/Delete Users
  • Manage User Permissions Per DB
  • View Storage Used Per DB
  • One-click phpMyAdmin Support

Website User Management:

  • Create/Edit/Delete Sub-users
  • Set Permissions Based On User
  • Delegate Tasks to Certain Users

General SiteWorx Features:

  • CRON Interface/Manage Scheduled Tasks
  • SSL Certificate Interface
  • Sub-domain/Pointer Domain Support
  • Website Backup/Restore
  • Per Account Preferences

How much does Interworx Hosting cost?

$730 per year for single database which includes:

  • 1GB disk storage for your site
  • 10GB outbound, no inbound quota (6c/MB excess traffic)
  • 25 Email Boxes
  • Unlimted Email aliases.
  • Nightly backup of website and database.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST

How do I order?

1. Download this application form.

2. Fax it back to us and our support staff will contact you with instructions on how to upload your website and database.