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  • Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences

OSX applemenu.png

  • Double-click the Network icon

OSX SystemPrefs.png

  • Select New Location... from the Location: drop down list

OSX location.png

  • Enter EIS as the name of the new location and click OK

OSX newloacation.png

  • Select Internal Modem and click Configure

OSX network.png

  • Fill in your Account Name, Password, and the Telephone number fields.

(you don't need an alternate number)

OSX PPP username.png

  • Click on the TCP/IP tab


  • Select Using PPP from the Configure: drop down list.
  • Type the following 2 lines into the Domain Name Servers text box:

  • Click on the Modem tab

OSX modem select.png

  • Select your modem from the Modem drop down list (for most Macs running MacOs X, this will be Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) and select the Tone radio button in the dialing area
  • Click Apply Now and close the Network window to save your settings.