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What is ADSL & why should I choose's ADSL Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Internet Access?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a well proven technology that enables High Speed data services to be delivered via existing Telephone lines. With speed offerings of 1.5M/256kbps for offices that are doing mainly downloads from the Internet or 512/512kbps for offices that need a faster upload speed for running mail/web servers or Virtual Private Networks.

Most ADSL offerings are designed for home users, SOHO service differs in two ways specifically to improve the experience for business users. Firstly all access plans include a static IP address so you can run your own servers. Secondly we impose monthly download quotas specifically to discourage home users that are notorious downloaders of music/software/movies etc. which quickly saturates the network spoiling it for business users that have work to get done.

What will I experience?

You will experience a fast, highly reliable, cost efficient Internet Access plan. Your internet connection is "always on" allowing you email and World Wide Web access 24 Hours a day. There is no need to dial up to an internet connection saving you money on local calls. There are no drop outs etc as you received business grade performance. This makes the ADSL service more reliable than a modem connection with no waiting, no delays, and less frustrations. The time efficient connection lets you do more things, quicker.

How Fast is FAST?

512kbps is almost 10 times faster than a 56kbps modem

1500kbps is 25 times faster than a 56kbps modem

This means Websites and email that took 30 seconds etc to load may appear almost instantly.

How Reliable is ADSL

ADSL is highly reliable. It is remotely monitored for faults so we are probably working on a resolution before you even realised there is a problem. Static IP address for running servers is standard.

How much will SOHO ADSL cost me?

ADSL asymetrical access plans

Speed Price per Month Monthly Download Extra Traffic
1.5M/256k $95 per Month 10,000Mb included 5c per MB
8M/384k $125 per Month 30,000Mb included 5c per MB
ADSL2+ $135 per Month 30,000Mb included 5c per MB

Note the ADSL 8M/384k and the ADSL2+ speeds are limited by the loss on the copper wires which depends on the distance from the telephone exchange. See this ACCC report on broadband speed claims for more information

Symetrical access plan

Speed Price per Month Monthly Download Extra Traffic
512/512k $105 per Month 10,000MB included 5c per MB
512/512k $195 per Month Unlimited

An $165 once off establishment fee for new all services is charged.

All prices include GST and are current as of 1/7/2010

A $95 early cancellation fee is applicable if connection is cancelled within 12 months of activation.

A further 10% discount is available for users that pre-pay the monthly fee for 12months in advance.

How do I order?

1. Download this application form.

2. Fax it back to us and our support staff will contact you with instructions on how to configure your connection. Typical installation takes 6 working days from lodgment of order providing that your phone line passes compatibility.