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What is VoDSL (Voice over Digital Subscriber Line)?

Voice over DSL is a technology that enables the simultaneous transportation of voice and data services over the same copper line. VoDSL typically delivers 4-8 analogue voice lines and a high speed symmetric DSL Internet or a VPN connection via single integrated service.

How does it work?

Firstly you start of with a business grade RequestXpress DSL service acts as the link between your premises and the local telephone exchange. The telephone calls are not routed through the Internet, so the voice quality is very high.

At the exchange the voice and data traffic are separated. Voice traffic is prioritised and forwarded to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The data traffic is routed to the Internet or to other offices via VPN technology.

The service terminates on a VoDSL router which contains both telephone line outputs and an Ethernet output. The telephone lines support traditional devices such telephone handsets, fax machines, EFTPOS terminals etc, modems, fax machines and direct connection to a PABX system with analog cards.

What are the advantages of VoDSL?

  • Integrate analogue voice and broadband Internet technologies
  • Maintain your investement in existing telephony equipment.
  • Cost and convenience of a single provider.
  • Multiple PSTN line rental charges are no longer required.