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Please find below a step by step guide to help set up an Internet connection with Windows 95 Double click on MY COMPUTER on your desktop. Now double click on Dial up Networking

Win95 screen1.gif


Win95 screen2.gif

Name the Connection, click "next"

Win95 screen3.gif

Type the phone number of your account

Win95 screen5.gif

07 33079800 for Block hours, Casual Access or Business Access

Click Next and then Finish

Right Click on the Icon and select PROPERTIES

Win95 tcpip1.gif

The General tab will show the phone number you placed in here previously. Untick Use Area code and Dialling Properties.

Win95 tcpip2.gif

Click on the tab called SERVER TYPE

Win95 tcpip3.gif

Type of Dial-Up Server = PPP: Internet, Windows NT Server, Windows 95 In Advanced options: tick only Enable software compression

In Allowed network protecols: tick only TCP / IP

Now click on the button labelled TCP / IP Settings

Win95 tcpip4.gif

In TCP / IP Settings select Server assigned IP Address Underneath that select Specify name server addresses Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

IP Header Compression and Default gateway are ticked on default so leave that way.