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Please find below a step by step guide in order to set up a Windows Vista Dial up connection.

  • In the Start menu, select Control Panel

Vista dialup install01.jpg

  • In Network And Internet click on View Network Status And Tasks. (If you are in the Classic View click on Network And Sharing Center)

Vista dialup install02.jpg

  • Click on Set up a connection or network in the upper left hand side.

Vista dialup install03.jpg

  • Select Connect To The Internet and click Next.

Vista dialup install04.jpg

  • Click on Dial-up to create the Dial-up connection.

Vista dialup install05.jpg

  • Click Next

  • In the Telephone number text box, type the telephone number of your local access number.

Enter the correct phone number, username and password. The connection can be named something like " Dial-up". Click on Create.

   Password: your password
   Dialup Number:  0198 331 202 (don't put in the spaces)

Vista dialup install06.jpg

  • The Dial-up connection has now been created. Let the connection connect.

Vista dialup install07.jpg

  • If the correct information was entered correctly, the Internet connection should be established. Click Close.

Vista dialup install08.jpg

  • Click Finish
  • In the Network Connections window, right-click on the icon and select Properties

Vista dialup install09.jpg

  • Choose Home or Work depending on where the dial-up connection is to be used.

Vista dialup install10.jpg

  • A screen will appear indicating the Internet connection is now ready for use. Click Close.
  • This should return you to the Network And Sharing Center. Click on Manage network connections to see the connection.

  • There should now be a dial-up connection for “ Dialup”.
  • An error message should appear that says cannot create a shortcut here, place on the desktop instead. Click Yes.
  • Click on the red X in the top right hand corner of the window to close the Network and Sharing center.
  • An icon should now appear on your desktop for the dialup connection. You can use this icon to connect to the Internet or disconnect from the Internet.
  • Internet Explorer you should be prompted automatically to connect the dialup connection otherwise you can use your newly created shortcut.

You have now setup your dialup account for Windows Vista