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Below are links to our application forms as pdf files. Print out the form for the services you require, fill it in and fax it to: +617 3221 5562 to apply for our services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to [[ContactUs contact us].

<a href="../applications/blockhours.pdf" target="_blank">Block Hours</a>

<a href="../applications/businessdialup.pdf" target="_blank">Business Dial Up </a>

<a href="../applications/casualdialup.pdf" target="_blank">Casual Dial Up </a>

<a href="../applications/databasewebhosting.pdf" target="_blank">Database Web Hosting</a>

<a href="../applications/Domainreghost.pdf" target="_blank">Domain Registration</a>

<a href="../applications/domain_hosting.pdf" target="_blank">Domain Hosting</a>

<a href="../applications/mailonlydomainhost.pdf" target="_blank">Mail Only Domain Host</a>

<a href="../applications/mailonlywebhost.pdf" target="_blank">Mail Only Web Host</a>

<a href="../applications/mailonly.pdf" target="_blank">Mail Only </a>

<a href="../applications/AAPT_SOHO_DSL_application.pdf" target="_blank">SOHO ADSL Service</a>

<a href="../applications/requestDSLapplication.pdf" target="_blank"> Powertel RequestXpress DSL </a>

<a href="../applications/20MB_web_hosting.pdf" target="_blank">20 MB Web Hosting inc 5 email boxes</a>

<a href="../applications/100MB_web_hosting.pdf" target="_blank">100 MB Web Hosting inc 10 email boxes</a>

<a href="../applications/webservices.pdf" target="_blank">Web Services</a>