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Pre-paid Blocks of hours can be purchased for clients wishing to have complete flexibility in when and how time is used. This suits people who use the Internet intermittently, such as people who only check their email and log off, or who only have time to surf the net on weekends etc. For example if you only used the Internet for a couple of hours a week, that could work out less than $10 a month which is fantastic value. Why pay for what you don't use?


  • Hours can be used at any time of day, but must be used up within 12 months of purchase.
  • Sessions can be any length desired (not exceeding time purchased).
  • Includes one email address.
  • Personal web space included.
  • Webmail is probvided with each account.
  • All accounts have a 10MB Web/email space allowance
  • No download limits.
  • A roaming 0198 number is available at no additional cost.

How much do Prepaid Blocks of Hours Cost?

Hours Rate
50 - 99 Hours $1.50 per hour
100 - 249 Hours $1.20 per hour
250 - 499 Hours $1.00 per hour
500 + Hours $0.90 per hour

Notes: (minimum purchase 50 hours)

  • All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST

How do I order?

1. Download this application form.

2. Fax it back to us and our support staff will contact you with instructions on how to configure your computer for access.