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There are a few nasty viruses out there now a days and it is always good to keep your virus software up to date. Here are a few links to keep you abreast of the latest virus definitions. - Norton Anti Virus Software - Vet Anti Virus Software,2000024985,20262201,00.htm - Sophos Anti-Virus Software - McAfee Anti -Virus Software


Our web-based email program called Openwebmail (a replacement for Neomail) which can be accessed via a browser or for our Web Hosting clients type is proving to be a great success.

There are many benefits for using Webmail as we have detailed below:

  • You are free to read emails from computers other than your own computer ie, work, internet cafes, on holidays, etc.
  • Webmail gives you the option of checking and deleting your emails without actually downloading them into your mail program-this is beneficial, specifically where problems like computer viruses are concerned.
  • If you are having trouble downloading your emails with your email program, log onto Webmail and check to see that you haven't got a particularly large email clogging your mailbox. This allows you to delete the problem email without trying to wait for it to download on your computer.