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XMAS NEW YEAR 2012 19/12/2012

Our offices will be closed for the Xmas New Year break from Monday the 24th. of December 2012 to Wednesday Jan 2nd. 2013. Services will still be monitored during that period, and email support will still be available. We hope everyone has a good break, and Australia wins the cricket.

SCAM EMAILS 18/12/2012

We have been alerted to another round of fake emails this time pretending to be from office automation equipment like faxes or scanners. The email contains a .zip file they want you to click on which most likely contains a virus or malware You won't get a legitimate email from office equipment. The tell tail sign is the address the email is sent from is not really You have to enable display headers in your email program to see that, as it will usually have a fake From: address.

Unscheduled server scheduled outage 29/9/2012

A cabling fault at Fortitude Valley caused a break in connectivity to our Brisbane web hosting servers from some parts of Australia early this morning, this has now been rectified.

Mail server scheduled outage 6/7/2012

This weekend (7-8 July 2012) there will be a few short outages of the mail server that hosts mailboxes between 11pm and 12pm Saturday night, as we migrate the contents to another server as part of an upgrade program, to introduce more features, in particular with the webmail side of things.

DNSChanger virus alert 18/5/2012

Please be advised that a malicious virus - titled DNSChanger - has become an increasing threat within various business computer networks. It is believed that, after 9 July 2012, we are likely to receive an increased number of support calls from infected customers seeking help in connecting to the internet. We recommend that you visit and follow the appropriate steps to ensure your systems are not affected.

SCAM EMAILS 25/3/2012

We have been alerted to another round of fake support emails asking for personal details. Don't reply to this type of email. Just delete it. You won't get an email from staff asking for passwords and other sensitive information. The tell tail sign is the link to click on is .ms which is the country of Monserat, not A list of country codes can be found on Wikipedia

Here is an example of the fake email:

From: "Eis.Net.Au" <>
Date: 23 March 2012 5:52:50 AM AEST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Admin-Eis.Net.Au

Dear Email User!
Your mailbox has exceeded the set quota limit.You may not be able to send 
or receive new mails effect from on the 26th of March 2012, until you 
upgrade/increase your quota limit.

Click the following link:  http;//  and input the vital 
information to increase your quota limit.

Thank you for your co-operation.

14/344 Queen Street BRISBANE QLD 4000
Copyright (C) 2012 System Administrator.

XMAS NEW YEAR 2011 15-Dec-2011

Our offices will be closed for the Xmas New Year break from Friday 23rd of December 2011 to Tuesday Jan 3rd. 2012. Services will still be monitored during that period, and email support will still be available. We hope everyone has a good break, and we don't get a repeat of the QLD floods again early in the new year!


Energex have restored power to the Brisbane CBD. All services are back to normal.


We were asked to evacuate 344 Queen Street Tuesday 11th. of January.

Energex started cutting power to sub stations in the Brisbane CBD on the morning of Wenesday the 12th. of January. The power to our data center at 344 Queen Street was cut around 1pm that afternoon. This impacted email and several web hosting services for some time. Power has now been restored but the lifts in the building have been damaged by the flood waters, so people have been asked to work from home.

There are many breaks in telecommunication cables right throughout SE QLD on top of the power outages, so Internet services may still be down in your area. AAPT clients on the Edison exchange should note that some equipment in the exchange has been damaged by the floods, and replacement should be early next week.


11th of Jan 2011 ENERGEX on standby to switch off some of Brisbane CBD – REVISED

ENERGEX has revised its Brisbane flood response and crews are on standby to switch electricity off to some low lying areas of Brisbane from 8:30 tomorrow morning (12 Jan 2011) for safety reasons.

This area is identified by Brisbane City Council flood mapping along the Brisbane River and its tributaries.

CBD areas will be shut down progressively as floodwaters rise. ENERGEX says the decision to shut power off is never taken lightly and is only undertaken as a safety precaution.

The outages could impact approximately 100,000 customers with restoration times dependent on the rate that floodwaters recede and the amount of possible damage caused to electrical equipment.

Similar safety plans were implemented by ENERGEX earlier this week in Gympie.

This evening just after 11pm ENERGEX also commenced the de-energisation of parts of Ipswich CBD in preparation for flood inundation.

Affected areas will be re-energised on a case-by-case basis and only if it is safe to do so. Some areas could be without power for extended periods.

More information about flood prone areas can be found on the Brisbane City Council and Ipswich City Council websites.

ENERGEX is also urging people with medical conditions that rely on electrical-powered equipment, as well as refrigerated medications, to keep in close contact with their medical practitioner and seek advice.

ENERGEX is also asking any customers who see damaged or threatened power infrastructure to stay well clear and to call ENERGEX’s priority line on 13 19 62.

The public is also being urged to keep out of flood waters near any electrical equipment and stay away from fallen powerlines.



This year our office will be closed for Christmas/New Year break from 2pm Friday 24/12/2010 until Tuesday 4/1/2011. The network will be monitored as usual during that period, problem reports can be directed to support@ We hope you enjoy the holiday break, and also hope that Australia wins the cricket.


There will be a small scheduled 5min. interruption to ADSL services at 6:30pm whilst a router is upgraded. We apologize for the disruption, hopefully most people will be on the way home from the office. Everything should come up by itself without intervention.


From the 1-Jul-2010 we will be phasing out the old Brisbane only modem dialup number 3307-9800 in favor of a new national roaming number 0198-331-202 which is a local call all around the country. Please make sure you have switched over to the new number to prevent interruption of the service.


We have been alerted to another round of fake support emails asking for personal details. Don't reply to this type of email. Just delete it. You won't get an email from staff asking for passwords and other sensitive information.

Here is an example of the fake email:

From: "SUPPORT  TEAM  2009" <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Sent: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 16:57:44 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Confirm Your Email Address
Dear Subscriber,
We would like to inform you that we are currently carrying out scheduled
maintenance and upgrade of our webmail service and as a result our email
client has been changed and your orignal password will be reset. We are
sorry for any inconvenience caused.
To complete your email account, you must reply to this email
immediately and enter your password here (*********)
E-mail Username : ......... .....
E-mail Password : ...............
Date of Birth : ................
Country or Territory : .........
Failure to do this will immediately render your email address deactivated
from our database.


20/04/2009 9am There is some sort of problem with the AAPT sub exchange in our building that is effecting all the phones lines that use AAPT ISDN. Apparently they "upgraded a switch at they Riverside center" on the weekend which cause the fault. The fault has been reported to AAPT an hopefully they will have it sorted out this morning. This also effects the old modem dialup lines on 0733079800 hopefully most people are using our national dialup modem number 0198-331-202 don't forget to put your full email address as the username when using the 0198-331-202 number.

INTERUPTION 10/12/2008

A large power surge in the Brisbane CBD about 7:30pm Wed 10/12/2008 might have interrupted some users broadband services. Usually switching the power off on the broadband router for a few minutes and back on should be enough to get things going again.

EMAIL FRAUD 27/8/2008

We have received several reports of users getting the following fraudulent email this morning 27/8/2008 if you get the message don't respond it's juast a scam to get your username and password. We would never ask for that sort of thing in an email like that.

Dear: Users,
We are currently carrying-out a maintenance
process to your account. To
complete this process you must reply to this
email immediately by entering your User Name
here (*********),and password here (*********)
if you are the rightful owner of this account.
This process we help us to fight against spam
mails.Failure to summit your password will render
your email address in-active from our database.
You can also confirm your email address by logging
into your account at:
NOTE: You will be send a password reset message
in next seven (7) working days after undergoing
this process for security reasons.
Thank you for using!

SMALL OUTAGE 26/8/2008

Expect a small half hour outage for some hosting customers 10:00pm 26/8/2008 as some equipment is relocated from the Riverside data centre.


About 9am Thur 6nd. Dec. 2007 a UPS failure cut a fibre toptic link to the Riverside Center in Eagle Street housing the AAPT telephone exchange and the 3rd Party room for for most major ISP's in the Brisbane CBD where they house equipment for peering and IP Transit. This caused access to the Domain Name and Email Servers at 344 Queen street to be un-contactable for approx 55min. until power was restored.


There are tens of thousands of nasty computer viruses out there now a days, mostly on Microsoft Windows which is by far the most common system people have, and it is always good to keep your virus software up to date on a daily basis. Here are a few links to Anti-virus software vendors to keep you abreast of the latest virus definitions.